10,000 years worth of technological and scientific advances and…

10,000 years worth of technological and scientific advances and….


10,000 years worth of technological and scientific advances and…

we still worship cats.  Egyptians worshipped cats; they believed cats represented fertility, motherhood, and protection.   Sculptures of cats, amulets of cats, and even mummies of cats were integral parts of commerce.  There was even a temple which housed many cats, who were cared for by priests.  And of course, as people learned to write in Egypt, we devoted much of our time to writing about cats and how great they are.


Fast forward to the year 2000 or so.  Humankind embraced the internet and with it the ability to express ourselves and learn new ways of communicating.  We are learning new codes all the time.  We are learning faster, clearer, and more direct ways to express ourselves with technology.  With computer programming we are learning a new written language.  And yet have we really made any advances at all?

I submit to you, dear reader, that we are right where we began. we still worship cats. We use our best new technologies to describe our ever-lasting love and wonder for cats. we go on at length about how we are here to serve our feline masters. It is undisputed that cats own the internet. Is Nyan Cat not a testament to the greatness of these animals? I can only hope that one day, I am depicted as having a toaster for a body, while I fly through space to synth music with a rainbow shooting out of my ass!

Indeed, http://icanhas.cheezburger.com/ gets approximately 1.5 million views per day. To put that into perspective that is about .02% of the world’s population looking at lolcats per day. Okay, i know what you are thinking–.02% is not really that much. Well you have got me there. But anyway, the point remains valid: we are still helplessly worshipful of our cats.

In stark contrast to humanity’s history with dogs, there is really no discernible benefit people get from hanging out with cats. Dogs clearly evolved from wolves because somewhere along the evolutionary path, protecting people and getting a definite meal seemed better than howling at the moon. Cats have not really changed much–or at all. This again suggests that the power they hold over us is simply the product of something bigger than ourselves.

Finally, if you doubt me, ask yourself this: Is Grumpy Cat not a deity?




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